Our company was founded in a year 2000 with the goal of improving post orthopedic surgery recovery. After the patient has a surgery on one of the joints one needs to exercise this joint in order for it to heal properly. Exercises without proper equipment could be painful to perform and could take longer. Exercising without proper equipment also has a greater chance of complications after the surgery. When we started researching we found at the time post operation equipment was not available/covered by insurance. So, in order for the patient to use necessary equipment patients had to purchase it on their own. Due to the fact that the equipment CPM (Continued Passive Motion) Unit is not cheap and also only needed for 2 to 6 weeks after which the patient is left with a unit that he/she most likely will never use it again. We decided that as a solution we can offer this equipment as a rental. Which can be covered by the insurance.  Read More

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On behalf of my team I wanted to thank you for this kind and humane gesture. Be assured we will make good use of them.

I'm THRILLED with these. One on each end of our ranch layout home gives us plenty of light at night to be able to navigate without turning lights on. I feel like these look like expensive night lights, starting off dim and getting

I been buying several different copper knee compression sleeves recently trying to find something to help the arthritis in my knees. Unfortunately, these haven't helped the pain when walking uphill or on stairs. However, they do feel really good compared to any of the other ones I've bought. I have noticed a slight improvement while walking on flat ground or slightly downhill. I bought the XL and they are very comfortable.

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