In the year 2000, your company was founded with the aim of improving post-orthopedic surgery recovery. After a patient undergoes surgery on one of their joints, it is crucial to exercise the joint properly in order to promote healing. However, performing exercises without proper equipment can be painful and take longer. Additionally, exercising without the proper equipment can increase the chances of complications after surgery. During your research, you found that at the time, post-operation equipment was not readily available and was not covered by insurance. This meant that patients had to purchase the necessary equipment on their own, which was often expensive. Furthermore, the equipment, such as the CPM (Continued Passive Motion) unit, was typically only needed for a short period of time, usually 2 to 6 weeks. After this time, patients were left with a unit that they were unlikely to use again. To address this issue, you decided to offer the equipment as a rental rather than requiring patients to purchase it. By doing so, the cost of the equipment can be covered by insurance, making it more accessible to patients. Additionally, patients are not left with a piece of equip Read More

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I was involved in a car accident that left me with a serious elbow injury. After undergoing surgery, my doctor recommended using the Artromot E2 Compact Elbow CPM as part of my recovery plan. I have to say, this device was a game-changer for me. The anatomical motion it provided felt natural and helped to reduce my pain levels. The device was also easy to use and comfortable to wear, which made it easier for me to comply with my therapy regimen. I could feel my elbow getting stronger with each session, and the range of motion capabilities meant that I could target specific areas that needed extra attention. Thanks to the Artromot Elbow CPM, I was able to recover from my injury and regain full use of my arm.

I fell down the stairs and suffered a severe ankle injury that required surgery. After my surgery, my doctor recommended using the Chattanooga Optiflex Ankle CPM to aid in my recovery. At first, I was hesitant and nervous about using a medical device, but I trusted my doctor's recommendation.

Using the Optiflex Ankle CPM was a game-changer for my recovery. It helped me regain range of motion in my ankle and reduce swelling, which made a huge difference in my overall comfort and mobility. The machine was easy to use, and the customizable settings allowed me to adjust the range of motion and speed to suit my individual needs.

I used the Optiflex Ankle CPM in combination with physical therapy exercises, and I saw significant improvements in my recovery time. I was able to return to my daily activities much sooner than I had anticipated. Overall, I am grateful for the Chattanooga Optiflex Ankle CPM and the role it played in my injury recovery. I would recommend this medical device to anyone recovering from ankle surgery or injury.

I had a knee injury when I fell on my knee a few months ago, and it left me in excruciating pain and limited mobility. My doctor recommended that I use the OptiFlex-K1 knee orthosis to aid in my recovery, and I'm so grateful that she did. The brace was easy to put on and adjust, and it provided the support and stability that I needed to start moving around again.

At first, I could only tolerate a few minutes of wearing the brace, but over time I was able to wear it for longer periods without discomfort. I noticed that as I used the OptiFlex-K1, my knee began to feel less painful and more stable, allowing me to do more and more each day. The range of motion provided by the hinged design of the brace was also helpful in slowly restoring my knee's natural movements.

Now, after using the OptiFlex-K1 for several weeks, I'm happy to say that my knee has almost fully recovered. The brace played a key role in my rehabilitation and helped me to get back to my normal activities faster than I thought possible. I highly recommend the OptiFlex-K1 knee orthosis to anyone recovering from a knee injury or surgery.

After suffering a shoulder injury, I was in a lot of pain and struggled to perform even simple tasks. My doctor recommended the DonJoy Ultrasling IV Shoulder Support to help immobilize my shoulder and promote healing. I was skeptical at first, but after using the sling for a few days, I noticed a significant improvement in my comfort and mobility.

The Ultrasling IV was easy to adjust and comfortable to wear, which made it much easier to stick to my doctor's orders of wearing it for a specific amount of time each day. I also appreciated the 3-point strapping system, which effectively immobilized my shoulder without feeling restrictive.

After several weeks of using the DonJoy Ultrasling IV Shoulder Support and following my doctor's recommended exercises, my shoulder had healed significantly. I was able to resume my normal activities and no longer experienced the same level of pain and discomfort as before. I would highly recommend the Ultrasling IV to anyone recovering from a shoulder injury or surgery.

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